Picking Wings Off Butterflies is an engaging memoir centering on the author’s son who suffered a traumatic brain injury at age six. In the decades that follow, it reveals their tumultuous—yet endearing—relationship as they each tried to find a way to move past the tragedy to live meaningful lives. And yet, just as life began turning a corner for them and was heading in the right direction it would be forever derailed by the American Justice System.


Humorously written but brutally honest, its pages are filled with tales spanning adventures ranging from the taboo to the divine. Be prepared to delve deep into the darkest motives of the human heart—and paradoxically—to be nourished by the tenacity of the human spirit to make the most of life in the most difficult of circumstances.

* Picking Wings Off Butterflies offers a secular approach to understanding why bad things happen to good people. It also doubles as a rallying cry in support of better treatment for traumatic brain injury survivors. 

A Novel

The year is 2013. Due to the influence of terrorism, religious fundamentalism is thriving and has greatly influenced the political and cultural climate of America. Laws have been enacted to reestablish America as a God-fearing nation. Basic civil rights are restricted, freedom of speech is suppressed, and artistic expression is becoming a thing of the past.

". . . A quick, entertaining read that packs more intellectual girth than most contemporary novels. . . . A stronger and better book than most being published today." - Bill R. Moore.

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