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David Stahlecker was six years old when his life changed forever.

He was walking home from school one afternoon when he was struck by a speeding car and suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

In Picking Wings Off Butterflies, David’s father recalls that dreadful day and the years that followed, revealing a relationship that is as tumultuous as it is endearing.

Both of them seek to move past the tragedy to live meaningful lives, but just as everything seems to be heading in the right direction, they’re derailed by the American justice system. Humorous and brutally honest, this memoir celebrates the sacred relationship between a father and son. Ultimately, their search for meaning leads one of them to find God and the other to lose his faith.

Be prepared to delve deep into the darkest motives of the human heart—and paradoxically—to be nourished by the tenacity of the human spirit with Picking Wings Off Butterflies.

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Stace Manning, a photographer with a taste for the erotic, is rejected by the student body of his university and blames Rick Forstein for the injustice. His wanderings lead him to Frankfurt, Germany where he meets Eva a reporter, who is in the midst of an investigation of two religious organizations with a history of terrorism. The organizations intend on using a psychological computer virus to win converts to their cause, and two sworn enemies must unite to stop them.