Scott Stahlecker is the author of the novel Blind Guides and Picking Wings Off Butterflies, a memoir about raising a child with a traumatic brain injury. 

He is the previous writer of two blogs on Patheos: The Art of Free Thought and the Stand-Up Humanist.


Picking Wings Off Butterflies, Published in 2017. A memoir about about raising a child with a traumatic brain injury.

Blind Guides, published in 2003. A novel.


Rainforest Dance, Debut CD 2012 

Scott Stahlecker, Self-titled CD 2014


Professional vertical roller skater, Del Mar, California
B.A. Religion, Southwestern Adventist University, Texas
Associate Pastor, Des Moines, Iowa
US Army, Frankfurt, Germany
Former executive board member, Foundation for the Homeless, Austin, Texas
Former board member, River Art Group, San Antonio, Texas
English teacher, Wonkwang University, S. Korea
Owner of Circle of Life Hospices in Austin, and LaGrange, Texas
Owner of The Music Box (Retail Music Stores in Alaska) and Music Box Sound Systems
Semi-professional Drummer, Wayne Kenny Band (Texas), and Troubadour North (Alaska)


scottsrs25 at gmail dot com