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For over 50 years creativity has been my passion. From writing, to photography, to recording and performing music.

My books and music have been available for many years online, but at this stage in my life I'd prefer not to trade dollars for art anymore.


So, I'm now in the process of posting all of my creative works on this website for all to enjoy and download for free.

Thanks for taking the time to browse around.



Books: Picking Wings Off Butterflies and Blind Guides

Music CDs: Self-title debut and Rainforest Dance

Previous Blogs: The Art of Free Thought  and The Stand-Up Humanist

Professional vertical roller skater, Del Mar, California
B.A. Religion, Southwestern Adventist University, Texas
Associate Pastor, Des Moines, Iowa
US Army, Frankfurt, Germany
English teacher, Wonkwang University, S. Korea
Owner of Circle of Life Hospices in Austin, and La Grange, Texas
Owner of The Music Box, Alaska  (Retail music store and stage and sound systems company)

Bands: Wayne Kenny Band, Austin, TX and Troubadour North, Alaska

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